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  • Adobe Creative Cloud Bundel 2023

    Sold By: Denon Studio

    1. Unparalleled Creativity:  Adobe’s suite includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Acrobat Pro DC, offering comprehensive tools for creativity.

     2,700 3,000
  • Fl Studio 21 Producer Edition

    Sold By: Denon Studio

    Intuitive Interface: FL Studio Producer Edition boasts an intuitive user interface, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow for both beginners and experienced producers alike.

    Comprehensive Toolset: With a rich array of features including advanced audio editing, pattern-based sequencing, and professional mixing/mastering tools, FL Studio equips you with everything you need to create high-quality music productions.

    Extensive Plugin Support: Explore a vast collection of built-in plugins and support for third-party plugins, offering endless possibilities for sound design and customization to suit your unique style.

    Real-Time Control: Seamlessly connect MIDI controllers for real-time manipulation of virtual instruments and effects, providing a hands-on approach to music production and performance.

    Collaboration and Sharing: Share your projects effortlessly with other musicians and producers, fostering collaboration and creativity, while also exporting your tracks in various formats for easy distribution across platforms.

     1,500 2,000

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